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  Mgr. Milan Matlák* * Třinec, Czech Republic* ID 03533824


2018 –
Android developer

Collaboration on Android mobile application development.



2017 –
Android developer

Collaboration on Android mobile application development.

SHALLi food & drinks SHALLi alcohol

Baby Care Tracker

is very simple, intuitive and useful application for moms that need to track breast or bottle feeding, pumping, diaper changes and others easily. All such data may show you or pediatrician how your child is benefiting or alert if something is not going well.

Graphic design and development (Java, Android SDK), web design


Advertising portal dedicated to offer car sharing.

Graphics design and development (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, Nette)

... no longer in service because of GDPR.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific (formely FEI)

2012 – 2017
TEM Software Engineer

Developing software for TEM based microscopes (Talos, Titan, Tecnai). Working with TEM software development team in Netherlands and Russia. Cooperating with product engineering, system engineering, service and factory teams to find best solutions for all users.

Applied technologies and tools: C++, Perl, Python, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Visual Studio, Wix, RTC, Git.

Documentary films

My working day
How to make a microscope: English, Česky

Route 66 Orlova

Route 66 Orlová

Web presentation of stylish restaurant in Orlova - Lutyne.

Provided services: Graphic design including photo work, custom web page development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery), basic SEO and traffic analysis.

... the restaurant is no longer in service today.


Web presentation of the law office of JUDr. Davida JOPKA, Ph.D. in Třinec.

Provided services: Web design, custom web page development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), domain registration, hosting maintenance, on-page SEO and traffic analysis.


Software Development Europe

2004 – 2012
Software Developer, Team Lead, Project manager



The Bomberman game inspired by Master Blaster, which we used to play on the famous Commodore Amiga computers.

The game has been programmed in C++ for Windows using DirectX libraries. Unfortunately, it does not work with Windows 10. It works seamlessly on all versions of Windows (95-Win7) and works well with Linux with using of Wine.

Download installation executable | Preview


Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno

2000 – 2005
Specialization - Applied informatics.

Partnership Your System eMan Thermo Fisher Scientific FEI Czech Republic SDE